1:1 Investment Coaching

“Risk comes from not knowing what you’re doing.”

– Warren Buffet

The Investment Geeks offer 100% personalized 1:1 real estate investment coaching.

You have attended the Free Investment Classes but now what?

Whatever your niche, our 1:1 Coaching program is a great follow up and a way to really get you started.

If your wish is to just begin your investment career or to take your career to the next level, the Investment Geeks coaching program is a great solution! Our investment coaching is 100% customizable for your needs and budget.

Most people would like an idea of the cost in hiring a private 1:1 coach.  The following are a few examples of previous packages that we have created for clients.

  • Example of Custom Renovation Coaching Package
  • $750 Package
    • 4- private 1 hour coaching sessions
    • 2- 30 minute phone coaching sessions
    • Full list of optional contractors
    • Assistance with assesing renovation costs and budgets
    • 2- 30 min onsite visits
    • Optional- Design help with color pallet and finishes

  • Example of Custom Rental Property Coaching Package
  • $1400Package
    • 4 private- 1 hour coaching sessions
    • Learn how to assess cash flow
    • Tenants and how to advertise, show, screen, and place
    • The Lease- Know your paperwork and the law
    • Tips to managing tenants
    • 2- 30 minute onsite visits, or 1 hour onsite visit
    • Full access to examples of contracts, leases, addendums, etc.

  • Example of Custom Cabin/Vacation Rental Coaching Package
  • $1800Package
    • 6- private 1 hour coaching sessions
    • Finding the “correct” property for you
    • Assessing cash flow assistance
    • Assistance with setting budgets
    • Knowing the rules- zoning, lake associations, and more
    • Rent Evaluation- How much and how often do we want to rent?
    • Setting up and furnishing the property.
    • Advertising to get the right guests for your property.
    • Education on contracts
    • Assistance with finding the right contractors to manage the property or self manage
    • 3- 45 minute sessions- assistance in setting up an online presence
    • 2- 30 minute onsite visits, or 1 hour onsite visit
    • Full access to examples of legal documentation, contracts, etc.

Contact us for more information and to create your own custom coaching package.