About Investment Geeks

“Landlords Grow Rich in Their Sleep.”

John Stewart Mill

Everyone is watching it on TV!  Everyone is dreaming about doing it!  But no one is telling you really HOW to do it!

How & Where to get financing

How & What to renovate

How to choose the right properties

How to set up rental properties

Investment Geeks

The Investment Geeks work to assist our clients and partners in their investment journey.

From first-time investors dreaming of their initial renovation, to veteran investors wishing to expand their portfolios…The Investment Geeks are seasoned professionals, with extensive knowledge in all things real estate.

Schedule a FREE introductory meeting or attend one of our Live Events or Classes to discover the different ways in which The Investment Geeks can help you!  Renovations, Rentals, Wholesaling, Vacation Rentals, and more!